In a complex society such as the one we live in people should look for simplicity, at least in objects they surround themselves with. Starting from furniture and accessories.

Koizumi's design spins around this concept, reflecting a minimalistic approach to its creations.


Welcome to CIFF

Copenhagen International Fashion Fair

This week we visited Northern Europe’s largest fashion fair and exhibition, CIFF.

For those of you who missed it... along with Copenhagen Fashion Week, CIFF opened its doors on January 30 and kicked off an inspirational week of all things Scandi-fashion.

The CIFF fashion exhibition has long been a popular destination for fashion icons, bloggers, influencers, journalists, and generally just anyone à la mode. The goal of the event being to showcase and inspire the ever-growing fashion community of Copenhagen and Scandinavia.

The trade show takes place on 60,000 square meters on the outskirts of Copenhagen, where you can check out more than 2,000 designer brands, view their newest AW18 collections, and snatch up some amazing pieces for yourself.

Luxury showrooms make up 40% of the space, and include women’s, men’s, and children’s fashion, as well as home accessories. Categories include:

  • Conceptual womenswear and accessories
  • Ready-to-wear womenswear and accessories
  • LAB
  • Ready-to-wear unisex
  • Fashion-forward street style
  • Menswear: well-established premium and modern brands
  • Premium womenswear with a strong design focus
  • Contemporary womenswear brands from Scandinavia and beyond
  • Menswear: international premium brands specializing in streetwear and denim
    • Menswear and lifestyle platform: Danish and international brands and agencies


Our CIFF Diary


The catchiest exhibition was probably Alyx’s New Happiness · Love Chaos catalog shoot. The campaign was about the unexpected positive vibes gained through chaos, which opened up loads of eyes.

Another delight, located right at the entrance of the Raven area, was Stavros Karelis. Karelis, a London-based designer from MACHINE-A, had created a special project idea encompassing both emerging talents and directional brands.

The absolute highlight, however, had to be the runway show arranged by the VIA Design School. The multinational undergraduate students presented their personal views on life through their collections, expressing concerns on issues such as pollution and overconsumption and supporting these concerns with clothes made from sustainable, recycled materials.

To end an amazing day, well-known Danish menswear designer Martin Asbjørn turned his show into a live DJ set incorporating powerful red lights and making the first impression of his new collection memorable. And clearly, it worked. In his own words:

I learned so much about the craftsmanship and the fitting, so now I can take the liberty to be creatively messy. Chaos is exciting as long as you know how to perform it properly”.

On the second day, CIFF provided something unexpected with Maria Black’s pop-up piercing studio, proving how diverse and open the fashion fair really is.

Pushing the boundaries even further, the CIFF catwalk showed its dark, but very artistic side at the Han København show. Who wouldn’t be scared to enter a big white cage and witness hospital patients writhing around half-naked in their hospital beds? The models started out wandering around the cage, eventually all ending up inside, trapped.

The Hærværk show followed with its mud-covered runway, expressing the brand’s attitude.

Both shows were successful, forward-thinking, and out of the box, which made all the difference to the audience.

Sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly important and garnering more worldwide appreciation by the day. Charlotte Eskildsen embraced this trend by kicking off day 3 on the CIFF runway with her conscious Designers Remix collection, stating: “We will attempt to go 100% sustainable by the end of 2020”.

Building on this sustainable trend and the social aspect of CIFF as a forum for sharing and creating ideas with like-minded individuals, Trine Christiansen pioneered Raaw. Originally focused on self-help, the company grew bigger and bigger. It is now a 100% natural and sustainable skincare line for ultra-sensitive faces.

Founders of Newline Halo based their whole show on their devotion and love for parachutes and running. Designer Malkit Singh affirmed that they view sportswear as being incredibly fashionable, worthy of an entire runway show dedicated solely to this.


All in all, CIFF was an elegant, extraordinary, caring, and fun experience - all that the fashion world wants and needs.

Join CIFF and live the experience at the next event: Spring/Summer 2019, starting on August 8, 2018.

By Reka Jenei