We look at the environment that surround us, analyzing the natural elements characterizing it and we try to integrate them into our design objects. There is a connection between gadgets and nature and the goal is to highlight it and make it visible to everybody. Whether we talk about sunglasses, watches, chairs or tables, the goal is to create a bond between human production and environment.

Materials & Colours

The materials used for the production are the first step towards the creation of the abovementioned connection. Materials give the first hint of what the meaning of the object is, real Italian leather transmits elegance, gold, and silver represent fine taste together with a minimalistic design. 

Marble represents nobility, while wood stands for simplicity at all means. When looking at the same object realized in different materials, the impact on our mind can be completely different. 

Colour is the second step in the perception of an object. Gold rose, Gun Metal, Silver for the face of a timepiece are the best fit with colorful straps, while chromatic lenses on glasses are the most effective protection against UV rays.